Goal & Objectives

With the skills, support and opportunities, children, youths, women and people from the most marginalized communities are empowered and live with a dignified life.


  1. Developing and implement different skill and employment oriented program to uplift the socio-economic status of women, conflict-victims, single women and marginalized groups

  2. To aware against girls trafficking, drugs, gambling, smoking, and alcoholism

  3. To organize different workshops, seminars, Trainings and publish News bulletins for strengthening good governance, transparency and peace building process.

  4. To ensure children from ultra-poor marginalized groups in accessing to the education, health and child-friendly environment.

  5. To aware public on the rights of children, youth, women and the means of enforcing such rights for the achievement of equality, development and peace.

  6. To collaborate and work with rural national and international NGO's and agencies by networking and co-aligning for the welfare and development of children, youth and women.

  7. To observe, monitor and analyze policies, legislation and implementation with the aim of education mainstreaming.

  8. To carry out relief activities and reconstruction programmes to support the community for resilient.

  9. Support women, child, youth, and women marginalized people to access quality services that ensure their human rights.