• Vision

    Dignified life and equality of Nepalese children, youth and women.

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  • Mission

    Creating a society where Children, Youth and women as well marginalized population will

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  • Goal & Objectives

    With the skills, support and opportunities, children, youths, women and people from the

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About Us

About us

Sahara Foundation is a national level, non-profit making, non-governmental organizational (NGO) established in 2009. It is registered in District Administration Office (DAO) of Kathmandu and affiliated in social Welfare Council (SWC) as an NGO. Sahara Foundation believes that to make a change into the life of Women and Youth as well marginalized group equal access to resources and decision-making opportunities. It provides and promotes the educational support, school enhancement program, Socio- economic empowerment of women and youth and taking care of health and sanitation. In addition, Sahara Foundation has been supporting the education